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Sarah has over 15 years of strategic award-winning public relations, go-to-market strategy and marketing. She has been instrumental in leading the creation and launch of thousands of successful  global programs & product launches from start-up companies in  the tech, lifestyle,  music and sports sector. 


Her leadership as well as her firm is one of the most respected agencies in the industry and Sarah has been instrumental in the global recognition of major brands and events within the tech and entertainment space as well as notable non-profits and NGO’s which lead her to create World Health Initiatives, Inc. 


She is also the founder & producer of a globally recognized awards show, Media Excellence Awards, now in its 16th year that honors leadership and innovation in mobile media, tech & entertainment as well as the Host & Producer of The Axis Effect Podcast, now in its 10th season.

Sarah Miller

Founder & Executive Director

World Health Initiatives Team

Valentin, a Romanian, Argentinian, Peruvian and champion for underdeveloped communities  has spent his life in South America engaging in the fight to help people in need.  He dedicates his life to helping others by becoming part of the solution that helps build successful  infrastructures that  brings clean water, more accessible health care, food and education to those in dire need of help to survive. 

Valentin Propescu

Director, South America Operations

Robert Ruiz, MD, a medical advisor to World Health Initiatives, Inc.  also serves on the Naturopathic Board of Aesthetic Medic as a founding board member. With an emphasis on “looking at the patient as a whole person,” Dr. Ruiz has dedicated his career to patients and utilizing technology so that patients can receive the best care and recovery. With nearly two decades of experience in the medical field, Ruiz uses his experiences and knowledge to advise WHI, providing a valuable opinion on our operations that help to ensure we deliver the highest quality yet most efficient health care possible to communities.

Robert E. Ruiz, MD


Medical Advisor 

Alex Falter is a Resident Editor for Axis Entertainment & World Health Initiatives. Falter is an English Major with experience in journalism, social media and research which he applies to all aspects of PR & communications. Falter loves what he does & is looking to expand his writing abilities as a top journalist in media.

Alex Falter

Director, Global Research 


 Adam Schlenger, PhD

Kimberly Klein

Laura Calleia, MSN

Allison Dollar

Rich Swisher

Wendy Rusnak

Dave Campos has over 17 years of partner relations, operations, business development, strategy & funding experience with global brands.  Campos currently works with technology, aviation & medical companies overseeing revenue driven partnerships, logistics  & operations around the world. 

Dave Campos 

Head of Global Partnerships 

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