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People living in most third-world countries too often struggle with extreme poverty and are in dire need of healthcare. From a general lack of wellness education, through the dangers of childbirth and poor nutrition, to a high incidence of chronic diseases, these everyday issues stand in the way of the basic well-being of both children and adults. 


WHI has created a universal healthcare program that offers local healthcare support and aid by offering established and sustainable methods of health and wellness through education and frequent medical visits. The program helps people stay healthy and get the help they need for daily nutrition, cancer testing, and basic wellness and hygiene.


Our program is not just about healthcare services; it's about building and encouraging communities to thrive and survive. By fostering a culture of health awareness and support, we aim to create a sustainable healthcare ecosystem. 

World Health Initiatives is a 'People First' organization, placing the needs and well-being of individuals at the heart of our mission. 



World Health Initiatives is a Global NGO/501(c)(3) founded on the premise that everyone deserves equal access to basic medical care by providing healthcare services to indigenous and underserved communities worldwide.


WHI's overarching mission is to expand globally to increase the survival rate of the underserved and give them the opportunity to live longer and healthier lives that span future generations. As we work diligently to fulfill the goals of saving lives, WHI is continuing its reach and support to other underserved areas around the world.


Through WHI, we also take steps to expand better health, wellness  & nutrition education to children so they also have equal, if not better, opportunities to grow up in a safer and healthier environment that gives them a chance to fulfill all their dreams children have growing up.


World Health Initiatives is a Global NGO whose overarching mission is to provide universal health care coupled with the proper education to impoverished communities in developing countries around the world.

Almost half the world's population

lack access to the health services that they need.

Source: World Health Organization


Peru lacks the infrastructure and fundamental healthcare plans, education support for its impoverished communities.


Seven out of ten Peruvians live in poverty according to the World Bank, which is one of the reasons the World Health Initiative is currently activated there.

70% of Peruvians

live in poverty.

According to the World Health Bank


Poor road conditions and a lack of transportation severely limit access to health care in areas such as the Andean and Amazon communities.


The nearest health center, which provides only basic care, is, on average, a 4-6 hour walk over rough mountain and terrain and through unsafe jungle environments. The nearest hospital is another few hours by car from there.


Weather, roadblocks, and the lack of availability of transportation can make this journey even more difficult.


The goal of WHI is to establish a sustainable method of health & wellness through education and frequent medical visits to impoverished and indigenous areas.


Our Field Medical Teams are on the ground helping and tracking improvements to provide more insight into problems faced by these communities and enable us to better support the communities with ongoing education, medical help on site, as well as donated supplies and first aid kits developed for each area.


Having community health workers provide quality health and wellness checkups as well as first aid can be the difference between life and death.

WHI medical units visit these areas on a continuous basis as well as requested educational classes to help face the challenges presented by daily life.

WHI was created to impact the well-being of people’s lives in Peru, where we already have an established footprint and have started to educate people in need in over 18 communities and villages throughout the country.

World Health Initiatives is a 'People First' organization, placing the needs and well-being of individuals at the heart of our mission. 



Indigenous communities in Peru face severe poverty and geographical isolation, making healthcare inaccessible despite financial challenges.

With a focus on wellness education, WHI conducts programs on hygiene and nutrition, targeting over 6 million individuals in Peru who lack basic healthcare.

WHI is actively addressing this issue by bringing healthcare to underserved areas, including Lima, the Andes, and the Amazon, with regular visits from medical teams.

Your donations help WHI provide vital healthcare and education to communities in the Amazon, the Andes, and impoverished areas in Lima, enhancing the quality of life for those in need.

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