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All of our donations are tax-deductible.



Our projects go through a rigorous due diligence review, satisfy IRS guidelines for international grant-making and tax deductibility, and follow Treasury Department guidelines for anti-terrorism.

For more information:

World Health Initiatives, Inc.

269 S. Beverly Drive, #184

Beverly Hills, CA 90212

+1 310-276-2220

How your donations will be used:
  • Provide adults with primary medical checkups and mental health services

  • Provide prenatal care to pregnant women in communities to ensure a healthy birthing process for their children

  • Provide specialized optical and dental checkups for individuals

  • Provide educational sessions on cancer, nutrition, hygiene, and diabetes so that communities may catch onto and prevent major health issues before they become life threatening

  • Provide wellness checks for children

When you donate to World Health Initiatives, we'll email you to let you know more about the impact of your donation.


We commit to transparent reporting and will update you on how we've used donations to this fund. Every dollar will be used to offer those in need the health care they deserve.

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