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WHI provides the information needed so our villages can

make healthy choices, prevent sickness or injury, and reduce risky behaviors.


The goal of our health education program is to help participants 

live their best life in the best health possible by staying informed.


We also teach the basic principles of preventive care by teaching the people in our villages to be responsible for their own health and to promote behavioral changes and modifications to improve overall health.


With malnutrition and diseases at an all-time high throughout underdeveloped countries around the world,

WHI educates participants on the importance of nutrition

by providing people with the correct information on:


- the nutritional value of foods

- food quality and safety

- methods of preservation

- processing and handling

- food preparation

- best choice of foods for an adequate diet


The goal of our nutrition education is to motivate participants to eat a healthy diet. Teaching children about nutrition is crucial as it impacts their growth, development, and establishes lifelong eating habits.


We all know that good hygiene practices can help prevent the spread of

diseases and infections, and promote overall health and well-being which is why the WHI Field Med Teams are also educating the communities on overall hygiene to ensure the adults as well as the children understand the importance of hygiene.

Our goal is to educate all WHI villages about conditions and practices that help to maintain health and prevent the spread of diseases. We also

ensure the people in the villages have the proper education and resources that effect personal hygiene to ensure better living conditions and that they are not passing germs through various forms to others.

World Health Initiatives created Field Medical Teams (FMT) comprised of Doctors and Nurses who visit WHI Villages in underdeveloped areas. WHI serves to administer medical care & attention to take care of the villager's medical and health needs.  


Visiting these villages each month gives our FMTs the opportunity to check up on existing illnesses and first aid issues, reassess any new illness, and a chance to monitor and administer medicine when needed.


Our WHI Field Medical and Wellness teams are also on hand to answer any questions relating to medical, health, nutrition and hygiene to ensure the people in these underlying areas always have access to education and resources when needed.

World Health Initiatives adheres to a set of global practices & standards

performed to preserve health to every community we serve.


World Health Initiatives is dedicated to both saving lives and promoting sustainable healthy living, recognizing healthcare as a fundamental human right.

We prioritize educating underdeveloped communities on health, wellness, nutrition, and hygiene to empower individuals with the knowledge and resources needed for a healthier life.

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