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Dozens of indigenous communities around the world lack the resources needed for quality healthcare and face the risk of death from numerous causes on a daily basis.   World Health Initiatives, a registered 501(C) (3)  helps provide basic medical care and clean drinking water to tens of thousands of people underdeveloped  & struggling communities around the world.  World Health Initiatives is a "People First" organization, placing the needs and well-being of individuals  at the heart of our mission.

Beating poverty through health care.



Estimated number of countries that need to rebuild their healthcare system.

(Source: WHO)


Percentage of world's population with health problems - 1/3 having 5+ ailments.


Percentage of global deaths (41M) attributed to noncommunicable diseases (NCDs)

3.5 billion people

Almost half the world's population

lack access to the health services that they need.

Source: World Health Organization

Health care is a human right.

Giving people easier access to basic health care they deserve!

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