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World Health Initiatives Team

Dr. Robert Ruiz

Laura Calleia, MSN 

Master Nutritionist

Kimberly Klein

Valentin Propescu

Allison Dollar



Sarah has over 17 years of strategic award-winning public relations, go-to-market strategy and marketing. She has been instrumental in leading the creation and launch of thousands of successful  global programs & product launches   from start-up companies in  the tech, lifestyle,  music and sports sector. 


Her leadership as well as her firm is one of the most respected agencies in the industry and Sarah has been instrumental in the global recognition of major brands and events within the tech and entertainment space as well as notable non-profits and NGO’s. 


She is also the founder & producer of a globally recognized awards show, Media Excellence Awards, now in its 16th year that honors leadership and innovation in mobile media, tech & entertainment as well as the Host & Producer of The Axis Effect Podcast, now in its 10th season.

Sarah Miller
Founder & CEO
Alex Fedorak
VP Global Partnerships

Alex has over 30 years of award-winning global strategic marketing and communications in the auto industry with globally leading auto brands and was instrumental in the Kia Motors’ brand evolution from starting as late night TV parody to a globally respected car company. Fedorak has also been a strategic partner in multiple go-to-market and launch programs for various global nonprofits.

Alex Falter
Director of Global Programming

Alex Falter is a Resident Editor for Axis Entertainment & World Health Initiatives. Falter is an English Major with experience in journalism, social media and research which he applies to all aspects of PR & communications. Falter loves what he does & is looking to expand his writing abilities as a top journalist in media.

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